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For guarenteed April delivery – Order by 30th November

For April/May delivery Order by 15th January

After the 15th January Orders will be sent in date order where possible

I would advise all customers to place their orders as soon as possible NOW so that your orders are logged and onto my spreadsheet sowing list, so I have an idea what I need to have ready for when If everyone leaves it until spring to order then it not only puts you at the back of an already very long queue It also makes life very difficult for me if I don’t know how much to sow and what happens is I end up with shortages of a lot of varieties later in the season because ive had to second guess what you may or may not order and others I end up with so many of that they end up getting binned.

So help me to help you by ordering early please, so I can plan get it right and more importantly get the plants to you on time because I have been able to plan the cropping to match your orders.

I am a small independent nursery so please bear that in mind during the busy season as with most small business I have to be the one cap fits all man.

All of my tomatoes are grown in wool compost which is made from a mix of Bracken, Wool and Horse manure by a company in the lake district the wool slow releases Nitrogen and Bracken slow releases Potash meaning the plants need very little feeding during the season Most tomatoes are grown and shipped in 6cm coir pots when the plants are at an early stage they are sent in blister packs made from recycled plastic that can be recycled again later in the season when the plants are larger they are sent wrapped in corrugated card Cucumbers and Courgettes are also shipped in 6cm coir pots or a jumbo plug the same size as the 6cm pots, The herbs, Peppers and Aubergines are all grown and sold in 9cm pots as well as all the dwarf/patio tomato varieties (2018 they were mostly in 6cm due to space issues space will not be a problem next year with the new site, so I will be going back to 9cm for these)
The Items in 6cm Coir pots are mostly priced at £1.95 Cucumbers a little more due to the cost of the seed

The Items in 9cm Pots are largely priced at £2.45  (apart from the herbs)

Postage is £3.75 for up to 1o plants £5.25 for 11 plants and more And £7.50 if your order is £60 or more this is to cover the extra cost of sending your order by courier Please note postage costs have increased year on year due to higher fuel costs etc and our postage cost is generally less than we pay out to send it and there is the cost of packaging to consider as well Postage is the biggest expenditure for the business, so I have to ensure I am covering it sufficiently I tried offering free postage but slightly higher plant prices in 2018 that backfired on me substancially

Most orders go my Royal Mail 24 except very large orders or large boxes which need to be sent by courier

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