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Ordering for 2020

For 2020 I am making a huge change to how things are done The plant shop will only be available to a limited number of customers through a private membership and the shop will not be visible to non members or search engines.
I was going to give up mail order entirely after a lot of abuse and threats in 2019 after things went wrong with this years season But a number have people have urged me to carry on and I believe this is the way forward to serve those that still want my plants and serve them properly and priority for the membership will go to existing customers. So I will be sorting this all out over the coming few weeks

The plan is to add a plugin to the hidden shop which allows you to select a specific week for delivery with a maximum number of slots for each week available like you would see on supermarket grocery deliveries, We will then start sowing much earlier and each persons order will be made up at the potting stage then grown on until the delivery week where we can then just lift the order and pack it without the need to pick orders which is very time consuming it will aslo allow me to see any issues with varieties for orders at a much earlier stage

All my plants are grown in Organic wool and bracken compost which is the best compost I have ever used and the plants are grown in 6cm or 8cm coir pots depending on the plants – See below for more info on this.
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We also grow a wide range of other plants such as Aubergines Peppers Courgettes etc
I also supply all thses as well !!

I also Sell Herbs, Aubergines, Courgettes, Cucumbers, Marrows, Melons, Summer and Winter Sqaush, Pumpkins, Chilli Peppers and Sweet Peppers These can all be found on the Buy Plants Now drop down menu above

As well as a few Sundries direct from me and a good range of other sundries available via Me from Amazon

Great news the wool compost that we use is now certified Organic by the Soil Association
We use wool compost to plant all our plants in which is made by a company in cumbria from Wool, Bracken and Horse Manure
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All of my tomatoes are grown in wool compost which is made from a mix of Bracken, Wool and Horse manure by a company in the lake district.

The wool slow releases Nitrogen and Bracken slow releases Potash meaning the plants need very little feeding during the season. I warn you its not cheap but the results are stunning and what you spend on the compost you will gain back in using less if any at all liquid feeding throughout the season and increased yields.

Most tomatoes are grown and shipped in 6cm coir pots when the plants are at an early stage they are sent in blister packs made from recycled plastic that can be recycled again later in the season,

When the plants are larger they are sent wrapped in corrugated card Cucumbers and Courgettes are also shipped in 6cm coir pots or a jumbo plug the same size as the 6cm pots,

The herbs, Peppers and Aubergines are all grown and sold in 9cm pots or I may do them in 8cm Coir Pots this year as well as all the dwarf/patio tomato varieties

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Orders Update 26th May

For the very latest update on the orders please see my latest blog post

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