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This one of my personal Favourite Tomatoes

An impressive, high yielding red slicing tomato with exquisite sweet / acid/ earthy old time flavor. This medium sized variety from Nebraska is good for hot, dry areas and will set fruit in the heat. Staking is recommended. Indeterminate.

It was voted best tasting tomato by which gardening readers.

The University of Nebraska developed and released a tomato plant called Sioux            ( which we also sell) in 1944, the progenitor of the cultivar “Super Sioux,” which was developed later by selecting plants that produced extra-large fruit. The plant grows as a vine, which is the typical growth habit of tomatoes. “Super Sioux” produces its first ripe tomatoes about 70 days after planting, and continues yielding fruit throughout the summer and into early Autumn

“Super Sioux” tomatoes are bright red in color, usually between 2 and 4 inches in diameter and weigh 4 to 6 ounces each. The fruits have smooth skin and are thick-walled, with relatively small seed cavities. Their flavour is typical of an old-fashioned tomato, with sweetness mixed with an acidic “bite.” They are versatile fruits and useful for fresh slicing, canning or making tomato sauce. Unlike some varieties, “Super Sioux” tolerates summer heat especially well, setting fruit even in extended dry spells. Their fruits also rarely crack during periods of uneven moisture, which is a common problem for some tomato cultivar

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