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Nebraska Wedding has apricot-orange skin and flesh.  3-4″ globes are juicy with a well balanced acid-sweet flavor and can weight up to a pound. 

The Nebraska Wedding Tomato has beautiful 3-4″ round fruits with shiny cadmium orange skin. Firm meaty yet juicy orange flesh and a well-balanced sweet/acid flavor that form in clusters with very good early yields.

Shoulders are always smooth and rarely crack. Best used fresh when flavor is crisp.

Marvelous old fashioned tomato.

Plants require some staking, but are typically less than 36″ tall and always are very manageable. Early maturing.

Originally brought to Nebraska from Minnesota via pioneers in late 1800s, these seeds were often given as wedding gifts to a new bride, thus the name. Adapted to the cold and wind of Nebraska, these do well in harsh climates.

Determinate. 90-105 Days.

Determinate tomatoes are well suited to containers as they’re compact and require little or no staking.