Melon Galia F1 1 Plant In 6cm Pot


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Melon F1 Galia as the name suggests, is a Galia type that produces very uniform globe-shaped fruit with a small cavity. This luscious variety has skin that is netted with gold and firm flesh with good flavour. The flesh is the cool-green of a glacial lake.

Melon Galia is an F1 variety. It has been specially bred for maximum vigour and uniform growth and performs reliably despite cooler summers. It is very vigorous with fruit maturing early and in rapid succession. Resistant to Fusarium and Powdery Mildew, you can even grow it in humid or rainy climates without worry. The vines yield fruit with a typical size of 0.8 to 1.2kg. Around 5 to 8 fruits per plant can be expected. 65 to 70 days to maturity.

F1 Galia fruits have a spicy-sweet aroma, with a flavour more like a cantaloupe than honeydew, although with a complexity of their own. Serve with prosciutto or parma ham as antipasto. Or at meal’s end, with bunches of fat purple grapes and tangerines. Once picked it has good storage ability in the fridge. You will appreciate its unique texture and taste