Great White x P20


Plants available early April to late July in 6cm Pots

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“Great White x P20 a cross of Great White x OSU P20 made by Stéphane Marier, Canadian breeder from Quebec, and owner of Solana Seeds
According to the breeder, Reinhard (also seen as Reinhart) Kraft received F1 seeds and began the grow out, also sharing seeds with other breeders and growers. This cross was shared prior to stabilization, and consequently there are a number of Versions available from different growers. Some of the names are similar, as in “Great White Blues,” versus “Great White Blue.” The sizes and shapes also vary somewhat, even within the supposed same segregate, from more oblate beefsteaks to more globe-shaped salads.

I grew this one myself this year wonderful colour to the fruit starting off almost black in colour then as they ripened the top went more purple in colour and the bottom a lemon almost white colour

flavour was OK sort of a bit citrus flavoured so a nice addition to salads

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