Gigantomo F1


Plants available early April to late July in 6cm Pots

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from the breeders

After 20 years of breeding work, this colossal beefsteak tomato is the largest variety commercially available. Just one slice will fill a burger bun or sandwich, leaving plenty left over for the rest of the family! The enormous fruits of Tomato ‘Gigantomo’® each weigh up to 1.3kg (3lbs) and measure 20cm (10″) across. This amazing Tomato has all the disease resistance of modern cultivars, with a fleshy texture and wonderful flavour that harks back to heritage varieties.

Tomato ‘Gigantomo’® is best grown in the greenhouse to provide adequate time for the giant fruits to ripen, but will also grow in a sheltered, sunny spot outdoors. Each cordon will produce up to 11 massive tomatoes. With fruits this big, these sturdy plants will certainly need staking. Height: 200cm (79in). Spread: 50cm (20″).