Earle Of Edgecombe


Plants available early April to late July in 6cm Pots

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73 days. (Indeterminate) Heirloom from New Zealand. When the 6th Earl of Edgecombe died in the 1960’s, the heir to the title of 7th Earl was a relative in New Zealand who was a sheep farmer at the time. When he traveled to England to claim the title, he brought this tomato with him. Fruits are attractive orange globes, typically borne in clusters of two or more. Uniformly ripening fruits are smooth and regular in shape, defect free, and notably resistant to cracking, blossom end rot, and fruit diseases. Vines are well branched, of medium length, and provide dense foliage cover for the developing fruits. Fruits have a smooth texture, they hold well, and are sweet and tangy,