Bottondoro F1


Plants available early April to late July in 6cm Pots

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Bottondoro is a vigorous hybrid variety producing intense orange cherry sized fruits, high sugar and beta carotene content. Superb texture and flavour, prolific cropper. Indeterminate (cordon)

I have grown this one in 2013 in one of my earthboxes and it is a very vigorous grower and crops very well mine was planted in the earthbox as a jiffy plug that was about 6 inches tall and within in 2 weeks it caught up with the other two in the box (Sungold and Ailsa Craig) that were planted 2 weeks earlier and not from plugs but larger plants from 9cm pots.

Now for the flavour, it is superb picked and eaten next to Sungold I actually prefer which is high praise indeed given my favourite Tomato has been Sungold since it was launched it is not as tart as Sungold and does not split so easily when ripe but it has a lovely sweet/acid balance I think this is one to watch in future taste tests