I will shortly be launching my first course Terrific Tomatoes from seed to harvest in 4 easy steps  both versions are currently discounted if you sign up now for the pre-booking using the form below

This course is designed for those that are new to growing Tomatoes or those that grow Tomatoes but not very successfully through my extensive knowledge on the subject I will guide you step by step through the whole process from sowing through to harvest

The four modules are as follows.

Module one sowing : How to sow and how deep to sow, How much to water, How much warmth they need, How much light they need to germinate

Module two potting : How to pot on and what to plant in, Compost and Nutrients, How to plant

Module three, Part one : Supporting the plants, fertilisation of the flowers, Watering, feeding

Module three, Part two : Pests and diseases, Tying and removing side shoots

Module four : Harvesting when to pick, ripening the tomatoes, storage and cooking

I will be launching 2 versions of the course there is the stand-alone version for those that just want to do the course at their own pace without much extra input from me that is priced at £19.99 (£14.99 for the pre-launch sign up)

Or the full course called CoursePlus with that you will get the full 4 module course along with access to the closed Facebook group for the course where you will be able to ask me any questions and get direct access to my help I will also do regular Facebook lives and tutorial videos showing you what to do when throughout the season as well as many extra hints and tips along the way

If you don’t use Facebook don’t worry the videos will be available to you and I will send you details of how to access them and I will have a priority e-mail address for questions

There will be a lot involved in giving you the extra support during the season and I think the price fairly reflects that and is good value for money the CoursePlus is priced at £49.99 (£39.99 for the pre-launch sign up)

you can pre-register for the courses and get the pre-registration discount by entering your details below

I will contact you when the course is ready and you can then decide which version you want

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