It certainly feels like that this year mother nature is throwing everything at me ive now got a month long heat wave to contend with thanks mother nature whats next a plague of locusts
I am still trying to get as many orders out as I can im afraid I am having to do a few substitutes on some varieties now as a lot of stock didn’t get potted as I was so snowed under getting orders out so a lot got to big to pot on
I am going to send out a voucher code with the dispatch e-mail for all orders going out from this week just by way of a thank you for hanging in there.
As its getting quite late now I will start sending e-mails out soon with various options on going forwards.
If it could go wrong this year it has I made a big mistake taking the veg back on and the whole business model as it stands is not working so I need to make some big tough decisions at the end of this season one thing I need is bigger growing space so I can take on full time staff

The shop is closed for 2018 orders but is open for April/May delivery 2019.

I am so sorry folks this season just isn’t going as I planned it, first of all everything was delayed due to the awful cold and weather in general throughout Spring then the growers that did my vegetable plants last year pulled out of doing it for this year, so I had to bring it back in house and this has all just had a massive impact on how the season has gone and after last years’ debacle with the germination on the Tomatoes it was absolutely the last start to the season I wanted. Because everything has needed to be ready and going out at once ive suffered with major space issues getting everything ready because the first batch of Tomatoes was so late they’ve not gone out to make room for the second batch and with the veg as well ive used every nook and cranny ive got So the later batch of Tomatoes is behind where it should be although they are growing really fast.

I do normally prefer to do orders in the order they come in but the way this year has worked its not been possible as I have had to give the girls smaller later orders to do whilst I pick the larger earlier orders in order to maintain the amount of orders going out so were getting as many orders out per week as is possible what we have left to go is still a mix of early and later orders therefore im afraid.

There is only me and two part-timers But this year has been hugely stressful and there will be massive changes for next year and I have some very big and tough decisions to make once this season is over The business isn’t working in its current form I need more growing space and full time staff if I am to continue and the whole business model needs to change I have the experience I’ve run huge nurseries for other people.

I am still intending to get the orders out if it is at all possible and will work with what ever is best for you I do understand some of you will not be prepared to wait and all I can do is apologise again as I seem to do every year But sometimes no matter how much you plan there are things that happen you can’t just change at the drop of a hat just work with what you’ve got and what you have been dealt.

Its been quite demoralising letting people down yet again but all I can do for this season is battle on.

Apart from a few varieties most Tomatoes are now ready The Aubergines and Peppers have really struggled this Spring but are finally growing and its just a case of now getting orders out as fast as we can orders with Cucumbers on are also OK to go now Courgettes may be this week if not then they will be next week, Basil is about 2 weeks away as I only got round to sowing it last week.
I have a new member of the team Tania she will be doing the days that Jo can’t do for packing, so we should be up to maximum packing days next week.If I could politely ask you not to e-mail me or contact me regarding order deliveries unless its to let me know that your going away it would be very much appreciated I am getting so many I cannot physically answer them all and I don’t want you to think then I am ignoring you I’m not I just don’t have the time to keep sitting here replying to them all my time is better spent actually getting your orders out. And the evenings which is the only time I get to answer them means im not shutting off at all from work and that’s not healthy.

The tomatoes have grown rapidly in the last week and the vast majority are now ready there is still about 20 or 30 varieties of the middle of the alphabet that I’ve still to pot up because I was waiting for more pots to come in which got delayed, so I will get those potted up the next couple of days
But they are very big plants, so they will only need to be in the pots for a few days, and then they will be out ok to go out, so we will crack on with orders this week we got 71 out last week on our first week of sending them out and I’ve got a new Packer hopefully starting this week as well so with the three of us we should be able to get them all out relatively quickly
I’m just about to sow a second batch of tomatoes this week for later orders, so we still have plenty of plants available for a long while yet for anyone who hasn’t ordered yet, and we are still taking orders and will do so for several weeks yet so all is well and everything is going according to plan so far all be at little later than I expected thanks to the Beast from The East

We are starting to pack and dispatch tomato orders from tomorrow (24th April) orders with Peppers, Aubergines, Basil Courgettes and Cucumbers will be a little while longer.

Thank you for you patience Im sure you can appreciate with the weather weve had its not been the easiest of Springs. Unfortuntely I don’t have the luxury of large fully heated greenhouses that many of my competitiors have including the suppliers of most garden centres

But because mine have been grown cold you will find mine shorter sturdier and able to withstand any chilly nights we may still have ( altough this does not mean they are safe to plant outside yet)

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