I am currently running about 3 weeks behind to where I was hoping to be sending out orders due to the extreme weather we had I delayed sowing as I am only a small nursery and I don’t have the heated facilities the big nurseries have If I am lucky this slightly warmer weather may mean I can start sending the first orders out at the end of next week.
Once plants are ready I will get them out as fast as I can, and I am advertising for a 2nd packer this week.
The Peppers and Aubergines are being quite slow to get going and I may end up potting the rest into 6cm Pots rather than 9cm, so they are ready quicker for you.
I Don’t have as many orders as this time last year so it won’t take me long to catch up when me and Jo start, Also because the plants have been grown cold they will be more robust than those bought from garden centres that come from heated greenhouses

Please Note no orders will be dispatched until nearer the Mid to the end of the Month I had to delay sowing due to the extremely cold spell of weather that was forecast and duly arrived a few weeks ago, so we’ve only been potting the plants up this last 2 weeks as soon as we have enough big enough to go we will start sending them They would not have survived that weather if I had sown them beforehand as I just don’t have the heated facilities big nurseries have I will be taking on a second packer, and we don’t have as many orders yet as we normally do so its not going to be too much of a problem.


What can you do about the Dreaded Tomato Blight ?

The short answer is not very much unfortunately there are currently no effective fungiscides available in the UK for the control of Blight that are liscensed for home gardeners

We do have verieties that show some tollerence to late blight But even these will succombe eventually they can be found here…/blight-resistant-vari…/

Blight is a disease caused by a fungus-like organism that spreads rapidly in the foliage and tubers or fruit of potatoes and tomatoes in wet weather, causing collapse and decay.

It is a serious disease for potatoes and outdoor tomatoes, but not as common on tomatoes grown in greenhouses.

Blight is specific to tomatoes, potatoes and some ornamental relatives of these two crops.

The symptoms on tomato leaves and stems are similar to those on potatoes
Brown patches may appear on green fruit, while more mature fruits will decay rapidly

Gardeners are able to access forecast warnings of when blight is active, or when there have been confirmed cases, in their region (visit the Fight Against Blight website),

Outdoor tomatoes are at high risk of infection if the weather is suitable. The disease is less of a problem under glass as the spores have to find their way into the glasshouse through doors and vents. If, however, blight establishes in a glasshouse the high humidity inside usually leads to very rapid development of symptoms.

Live on BBC1 now ………why not grow your own roasted veg We have all you need order yours today Aka  Mary Berrys Roasted Veg

Hello fellow Tomato growers I have been growing Tomatoes since I was a boy of 5 and you could say im a bit passionate about them, I’m a bit like the petrol head of the Tomato world I just love them.

So much so 4 years ago I diversified my main vegetable plant business into specialising in Tomatoes and I now grow over 600 varieties here in the UK and sell them mail order through my website as well as Sweet and Hot Peppers, Aubergines, Courgettes and Cucumbers.

But much more than that I want to help people to grow their own Tomatoes there are so many great tasting and interesting coloured Tomatoes out there that are sooooooo much better than the bland supermarket varieties.

The depth and complexity of some flavours is incredible from almost meaty earthy flavours to ones of citrus or summer fruits the diversity is huge and just about all colours of the rainbow white, cream, orange, yellow, brown, black, blue, red, green, and a mix of all colours in between.

But growing them can be challenging sometimes with the likes of seeds failing to germinate or the seedlings stretching and becoming foot high triffids then if you have managed to get them to good plants then you have Tomato blight and fruit not setting or ripening or fruit splitting before truly ripe any number of things can and do go wrong.

I’m here to tell you it doesn’t all have to end in failure although with blight it is usually although even there, there are things you can do to help

As I said I have a wealth of knowledge on Tomato growing and nearly 50 years experience, so I have put together two products to help people stack the odds a bit more in their favour and give you a pretty decent start to arming yourself with the knowledge to finally grow Tomatoes successfully.

The first product is my online course Terrific Tomatoes From Seed To Harvest In 4 Easy Steps it contains four Modules each taking you through every part of the growing season step by step the course is online and can be done at your own pace there is no deadlines to it and you can dip in and out as you wish.

I have two versions of the course available the basic online course that you can just plod along with at your own pace and is more for those with some experience and just need a little help.

Or the CoursePlus this is the online course plus full support via a Facebook group where I will do Facebook lives throughout the season on every part of the growing season and regular updates their will also be Q&A sessions and downloadable guides as well as hints and tips and ideas for storage and recipes.

Product two is my new Membership The Grow Your Best Ever Tomatoes Club

So who is this club for? Anyone can join the club if they wish But its aimed primarily at those who struggle to grow tomatoes successfully or who are new to growing tomatoes and want extra help and advice along the way.

Therefore, the club will be the go to place to get all the help and support you need. There will be a closed group on Facebook for the club where I will post lots of information, growing guides, videos on every step of the growing process, Hints and Tips, Facebook lives during the growing season that will show you exactly what to do, Q&A sessions and more If your not on Facebook that’s not a problem everything from the Facebook page will also be posted on the Members only page of the new website.

As well as all the info on the members page and Facebook you will have free access to my course Terrific Tomatoes From Seed To Harvest In 4 Easy Steps and other courses on growing in the future. Plus these features below

20% Off all orders if you pay monthly

40% Off all orders if you Pay Quarterly/Yearly

Priority Delivery/Email support

And other things I add over time

At the moment you can get the course for the pre-launch prices of £14.99 for the basic and £39.99 for course plus saving £5 or £10

On the membership page you will find details of the club and there are 3 payment options Monthly Quarterly or Yearly there is £2 off the first two months on the Monthly and Quarterly and the Yearly there is a saving of £4/ month for 6 months of the year

We also do vegetable plants which are grown and dispatched for me in Bristol

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