End of an Era

Dear Customer I am terribly sorry but it is with great sadness I have to report that as of 2nd Febuary 2020 I will no longer be able to supply your orders as plants as I have been forced to vacate my nursery by the end of February along with everyone else that rents on the site.

I have been told this is not negotiable, so I have no choice but to cease trading with immediate effect.
Even if I could find anywhere else to go which is highly unlikely in the 26 days I have to do so (as it took me 4 months last time)  It would put me so far behind with the growing of your orders I would be late with everything again as I would have been starting to pot the Chili’s Aubergines and Peppers that I have growing in petri dishes at home in the next week or so and sowing the Tomatoes so to move elsewhere now just would not work

I really can’t believe this has happened again with this being the 3rd nursery on the trot I have been kicked out of by landlords who don’t give a damn what it does to the likes of me and my customers enough is enough I’m 56 this year time to call it day and move on to pastures new. As many of you know I was ready to walk away last year after all the threats and abuse I received But so many of you asked me to carry on I decided to serve those of you that still wanted to buy off me so this is not an easy thing to have to do But my hand has been forced.

As far as the refunds go everyone will be refunded both for their orders and the membership and I will of course cancel any further membership this may take time as In order to do so I will need to sell off any stock and equipment, seed etc I have, I am going to hire a storage container to move everything into until I can sell it all as I have hundreds of various plug trays and my small polytunel etc to sell

I want to thank everyone for their custom and support especially those of you that have stuck by me for several years, and I am sorry its come to this

For those that have joined my Facebook group I will still keep that open for advice

Once again my sincerest apologies

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