So What Is the Membership ?

As I said in my previous Blog post I have decided to make the Tomato website into a membership site see my previous blog for the why ?

How will this work ? Well for a small sunbscription fee of £5 per year you will get exclusive access to my huge range of tomato varieties that are not available to the general public also you will be able to pick your delivery slot for when you want them delivered, There will be 3 delivery slots a week from the last week in March until Mid July and each slot will have a maximum of 15-20 orders (45-60 per week)

I will still do all the other similar grown veg as before for you But It is not possible to have some of the items ready for very early orders So Please when you place your orders can you order your Tomatoes, Peppers and Aubergines and also herbs (except Basil, Coriander and Dill) together if ordering for delivery before late April and order your Basil, Coriander, Dill, Cucumbers, Courgettes, Marrows, Melons, Squash and Pumpkins seperately for delivery late April onwards. That way your Tomato orders won’t be held up waiting for the later items which I never sow before Mid-late April.

The Orders will be made up for you at the stage we pot them up this way we can Identify any variety issues early. This will also make packing much faster the main delay in packing orders has always been the picking trying to find varieties in a sea of green even when they are in alphabetical order can slow packing down a lot. With this system all of each weeks orders will be together with your name marked on them and can just be lifted and packed the week you have selected.

The new membsership will also allow me to have much much better control of the number of orders I take and at the moment I am looking to restrict it to 700-900 orders.

Also, as a member you will still have access to the rewards points scheme it is temporarily suspended at the moment But don’t worry any orders placed I will top your points up when its live again

I will also get the forum up and running properly so you can ask questions and post your pictures of your efforts

And I hope to add much more things to the membership site as time goes by so that you can reap real tangible benefits from being a member such has too sheets, Possibly a course and a Magazine, much more info on varieties and what Tomato for what situation.

But above all I want this to be the time when you get what you want when you want it and for us to all grow some the best varieties from around the world together that taste great look great and bring us Joy

So why not sign up for membership today order your tomatoes and let’s start this journey together

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