Orders Update 26th May Please Read This

Apologies for the delay in dispatching orders we are doing everything possible to get them out to you as fast as we possibly can I have the maximum amount of staff I can afford at this time to get as many done as possible I can do no more.

Ordered in April/May ?
If you have ordered In April or May Please understand we must prioritise those that have ordered earlier or it is really not fair to them. I have had some not very nice e-mails from people that have barely ordered a week or two which is totally unacceptable when I and my staff are working long hours often in extreme heat to service your orders. I know its frustrating that your plants have not been delivered and that many people have an emotianal attachement to gardening and I get that I am totally passionate about my tomatoes and want to share that passion with you so it hurts me just as much to be letting you down,
I am trying my best to keep people informed of the delays BUT I am now getting more e-mails than I can physically reply to I am commuting 28 Miles each way a day to the new nursery which is taking 2 valuable hours out of my day until I can move so it is causing me to have even less hours than previous years at this manically busy time of year I try and answer a few on my phone when I am taking a break at the nursery But my office as it home so I get very little time to answer them I do however read all e-mails and make a note on my list if you have enquired about your order and reply if I get a chance that is why I have set up an Auto reply message on my e-mails so you know why I am unable to reply immediately.
Please DO NOT open paypal disputes if you have not had a reply this causes a small business such as mine huge problems as they take the funds out of my account and hold it until the dispute is resolved and this can cause me issues with paying the postage to get your orders out as I do all the postage via paypal and I don’t need anything else delaying getting orders out.
Small Business
I am only a small business with 3 part time staff one of which is Kindly helping out instead of being in her own plant business on site so please bare in mind we are not Suttons or Thompson and Morgan with acres of glass and hundreds of staff its just me a big polytunnel and three part time staff
But what you will get is strong healthy plants that grow away rapidly. All plants are either in 6cm Coir Pots or 9cm Plastic pots so are not plugs apart from the most recent batch of some of the Courgettes and Cucumbers which are in large plugs from a 60 tray as i needed to sow loads and was running out of propagating space.
What’s Caused The Delays ?
I has not been anything major that has caused the delays this year unlike previous years its just been small things that have caused little niggles that can easily be tweaked going forwards, One delay was the propagation area when the greenhouse got cancelled for delivery and I had to re-source an alterntive that delay then made it tight for getting ready for sowing. Another is the timing of my sowing that needs to be pulled forward now I am growing under polythene and next year I will sow the Aubergines and Peppers either Between Christmas and New Year Or the 1st week in January and the Tomatoes Mid to Late January, The other was my sowing method I have for the previous 4 years successfully used petri dishes to sow my best selling varieties in this allowed me to sow large quantities in a small space which worked brilliantly the plants held well in them and romped away quickly after pricking out BUT that has proved not so successfull this year I have found they haven’t got as way so well after potting up and have taken much longer to grow so I will not use that method going forward and will sow in Plugs and Pots And of course having to loose my packer of 4 years (Jo) due to the move and starting a fresh with all new staff does have some impact too.

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