Orders Update

It is likely that I will start dispatching the week after next if there is enough ready some varieties are more advanced than others

And I will be picking and packing orders for more hours a day than previous years and have just advertised for a packer and if necessary will take on a second one as well.

This season growing in a polytunnel for the first time as opposed to glass I wasn’t sure how things would go and if it would alter things at all so far its gone pretty well just a little behind where I wanted to be but that was more the delay getting the propagation tunnel ready after the greenhouse didn’t get delivered.

on the whole the tomatoes in petri dishes are little bit behind those sown in the plug trays But they will soon catch up as I pot them as they have very good roots on them

Virtually all tomatoes that have been sold have now been sown and are growing there are just a small number I will be sowing tomorrow and these late ones I will direct sow in the pots to speed the process up.

Germination on the wole has been pretty good there are a few I need to sow more of later orders

The first batch of Aubergines and Hot peppers I sowed at home because the tunnel wasn’t ready were very patchy but ive got enough of all but a few varieties potted to cover what I need and their is a big batch of both ready for potting to fulfill any short fall and for later orders

Sweet Peppers are a bit behind But should be ready in a few weeks and I haven’t got that many early ones to go out

Ive already decided that because the sowing tunnel has been so successfull I will buy another one and put next to it before the end of the year then sow the Aubergines and Peppers in Late December and the Tomatoes from late Jan/Early Feb as some of you want them early that way I can go back to mid march onwards for delivery then for those that want it. it wasnt possible to do that for this year

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