My New Propagation Area

Over at the new nursery my plan was to buy and erect a 12 foot by 6 foot polycarbonate greenhouse which would be benched out to sow all my seeds in the warm using my 11kw gas heater with electric controlled thermostat.

However I had difficuties with the purchase and delivery of the greenhouse and after not being able to find an alternative for anywhere near the price I opted for a polytunnel instead which managed to get a polytunnel 13 feet long and 11 feet wide so a much bigger space and for £80 less than the greenhouse

It’s got a nice sturdy galvanized steel frame and I have now got the frame up and found what I am going to use for benching and configured how it is going to go.

I found two old benches that used to be for the old garden centre that was there they just need new legs and filled the rest with a couple of pallets that I will also put legs on and put a two shelved bench in the middle and there is two galvanized shelving units to go in too

I am leaving the cover off until ive done the benches so its easier to work then when its done it will be full speed ahead with sowing

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