Struggling to decide which varieties to go for here’s my Best sellers list

Pictures of my top 11 best sellers

This might help This is my current best sellers that have sold 15 or more this season with how many of the top 10 ive sold so far

As you can see Piccolo once again is running away with The Best Seller Mantle And Sungold consistent as ever these two probably mark the Gold standard in Tomato taste.

Sweet Aperatif will please as much as Piccolo and Gardeners Delight is always a firm favourite,

Hundreds and Thousands is great for the Kids as they literally produce hundreds of small cherry tomatoes,

Lizzano and Fandango are both excellent choices for resistance to late blight

Chocolate Cherry is a great flavoured cherry tomato and here I would else give Rosella a mention as it has a wonderful flavour of Summer fruits thats is really different and very delicious

Lucciola is a fantastic mini plum type and Ethel Watkins Best is a good reliable easy to grow standard red salad tomato

Piccolo 183
Sungold F1 88
Hundreds And Thousands 61
Lizzano F1 54
Lucciola F1 49
Fandango F1 45
Gardeners Delight 39
Chocolate Cherry 33
Ethel Watkins Best 30
Sweet Aperatif 30
Shirley F1
Andine Cornue
Ananas Noir
Black Opal
Red Alert F1
Black Russian
Sungrape F1
SunSugar F1
Blue Ridge Mountain
Rose De Berne
San Marzano 2
Abraham Lincoln
Black Cherry
Sweet Million F1
Tumbling Junior Yellow
Amazon Chocolate
Amethyst Jewel
Anna Aasa
Artisan Golden Bumblebee
Chocolate Stripes
Husky Red Cherry Dwarf

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