Move is completed…..yey

Move to the new nursery is going well

Things have progressed well with the move from Kewstoke to Westerleigh and the move was completed the Saturday before Christmas now I can start organising things up there ready to start sowing in January.

I am really excited about the new place and the oppurtunity to finally take the business to where I have always wanted it.

The new Nursery gives me everything I need to grow the plants properly and on time in ways that I have not been able to do at my previous nurseries This one has everything in place that I need such as……

: Big Space and plenty of natural light proper ground covered beds and concrete paths through out the polytunnel which is twin bay twin multispan tunnel so 4 bays total width 54 feet and length 88 feet giving me over 4000 sq feet of growing space. I worked out that in the trays my tomatoes grow in can get about 16,000 plants per bed

: Working Electricity at the current place the electric kept tripping out as it was too old.

: Good water Supply complete with overhead irrigation and an inline    Dosatron for accurately applying liquid feed whilst watering

: Heating by way of massive horticultural heater run on Kersosene (subject to it working OK as its not been used for a few years)

: Good access from the main road meaning I can except deliveries on bigger lorries

pictures of the new nursery

As soon as I can in the next couple of weeks I will purchase the polycarbonate greenhouse that I will be putting up inside the polytunnel for raising the seeds in as I can then heat that with my thermostat controlled gas heater the greenhouse is a 12 foot by 6 foot polycarbonate one so a decent size.

My Plan going forwards is my Tomato website will now become my only mail order business although that does now include Herbs, Aubergines, Peppers, Cucumbers, Squash, Marrows, Pumpkins and Courgettes as they are all grown alongside and in the same format as the tomatoes so are easy to produce and pack for sending out.

But alongside this everything on the Tomato website will aslo be available on site for local pick up and local customers and I will also be going back to previous business models I have used in the past and growing a wide range of other crops.

So also available on site will veg plants, Basket and Bedding plants planted arrangements and baskets, Perennials etc etc these will be dependant on how the tomato season goes as the Tomato orders and dispatch of them will be my main focus from March to June anything else I produce for sale on site will be on a what I have time to do basis and for after the Tomato season has ended as I will need to grow stuff to sell from June-November as I can’t live of the Tomato business alone now I have stopped the mail order veg.

I will also plant up a very wide range of Tomatoes, Aubergines, Peppers, Cucumbers, Squash, Courgettes etc to sell the fruit either through the farm shop and supplying the onsite cafe and also to local pubs and restaurants.

And will start advertising for staff early in the new year

So lots of excting new things to look forward to in the coming year and I would like to thank my customers for your continued support especially through what has been a tough few years its very much appreciated

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