The Plastic Pot Debate !!

As some of you may have seen on Gardeners World this week they did a big piece on plastic pot waste and the lack of opputunities to recycle them. This is something as a company I have been wary of for almost the entire life of the business some 12 years now We have always grown and dispatched plants in as enviromentaly friendly way as we possibly can we have always sent our veg plugs out placed between two bits of card which have been cut from boxes from various outlets that would other wise be part of their waste, and then wrapped the card in old newspapers to keep them secure for many years the plants were sent out in Boxes from various shops But as Postage costs have risen over the years we have had to switch to more standardised box sizes and bought them in other wise dispatch becomes a huge problem when you have to measure every box although most of our larger orders do go in recycled boxes from our local pet food suppliers as they are good strong boxes.

The blister packs that we send our early season tomato plants out in are made from 100% recycled PET bottles. and therefore can be recycled again in virtually cerbside waste collections with your normal recycling Later orders when the plants are too big for the blister packs we send wrapped in corrugated card this can either be recycled in your recycling bin or composted

Pot wise for the last 3 years all the tomatoes apart from a few late season ones are grown in 6cm coir pots that get planted with the plant in them and after last nights program I am now considering doing the other items that i normally do in 9cm pots in 8cm coir pots I am also looking at a biodegradable pot for my larger items in 13cm 1 litre and 2 litre pots and 6 packs I have found these available so I am currently looking into costs these will last for 5 years But when you have finished with them can be broken up and they biodegrade in 9-18 months they are made rice and corn husks see below

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