The Perfect Storm !!

It certainly feels like that this year mother nature is throwing everything at me ive now got a month long heat wave to contend with thanks mother nature whats next a plague of locusts
I am still trying to get as many orders out as I can im afraid I am having to do a few substitutes on some varieties now as a lot of stock didn’t get potted as I was so snowed under getting orders out so a lot got to big to pot on
I am going to send out a voucher code with the dispatch e-mail for all orders going out from this week just by way of a thank you for hanging in there.
As its getting quite late now I will start sending e-mails out soon with various options on going forwards.
If it could go wrong this year it has I made a big mistake taking the veg back on and the whole business model as it stands is not working so I need to make some big tough decisions at the end of this season one thing I need is bigger growing space so I can take on full time staff

The shop is closed for 2018 orders but is open for April/May delivery 2019.