Apart from a few varieties most Tomatoes are now ready The Aubergines and Peppers have really struggled this Spring but are finally growing and its just a case of now getting orders out as fast as we can orders with Cucumbers on are also OK to go now Courgettes may be this week if not then they will be next week, Basil is about 2 weeks away as I only got round to sowing it last week.
I have a new member of the team Tania she will be doing the days that Jo can’t do for packing, so we should be up to maximum packing days next week.If I could politely ask you not to e-mail me or contact me regarding order deliveries unless its to let me know that your going away it would be very much appreciated I am getting so many I cannot physically answer them all and I don’t want you to think then I am ignoring you I’m not I just don’t have the time to keep sitting here replying to them all my time is better spent actually getting your orders out. And the evenings which is the only time I get to answer them means im not shutting off at all from work and that’s not healthy.

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