You can’t second guess Mother Nature but you can become a good stratagist to work with what youve got

The one thing ive learnt from growing plants for a living is there is no such thing as normal you just have to roll with the punches You can’t second guess mother nature she will always throw you multiple curve balls. All you can do is have a few strategies in place so you can adapt and change to mother natures plan it’s a bit like being a Formula One Team strategist you have to be prepared to react to whatever she throws at you.
Last year it was the weird weird weird germination she sent me the most bizarre event in 50 yes of growing where seeds you had given up on suddenly germinated 4 months later
This year it’s the Beast from the East with heavy snow and freezing temperatures just when I should be sowing my Tomato, Aubergine and Pepper seeds only this year I was ready for her I saw an article in January alluding to a sudden stratospheric warming and I knew the last time we had that we were snowed in in Cornwall for a week So I sowed my top 30 best-sellers at home in my flat in Petri dishes on damp paper towel in my airing cupboard and heated propagators.
Then after weeks of cold miserable spring weather we have a mini heatwave and today has been declared the Hottest April day since 1949 nearly 70 Yrs
But that coincided with my earlier home sown tomatoes and the others I sowed later all rooting out at the same time and this warm weather by day and night has doubled them in size in just a few days many varieties are now good to go, and we can start sending them out next week

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