Orders Update 14th April

I am currently running about 3 weeks behind to where I was hoping to be sending out orders due to the extreme weather we had I delayed sowing as I am only a small nursery and I don’t have the heated facilities the big nurseries have If I am lucky this slightly warmer weather may mean I can start sending the first orders out at the end of next week.
Once plants are ready I will get them out as fast as I can, and I am advertising for a 2nd packer this week.
The Peppers and Aubergines are being quite slow to get going and I may end up potting the rest into 6cm Pots rather than 9cm, so they are ready quicker for you.
I Don’t have as many orders as this time last year so it won’t take me long to catch up when me and Jo start, Also because the plants have been grown cold they will be more robust than those bought from garden centres that come from heated greenhouses

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