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Hello fellow Tomato growers so what’s this membership club all about? Well from feedback i have received and general information gleaned from other sources its seem a lot of people struggle how to grow struggle how to grow tomatoes successfully and I want to help people overcome that i have nearly 50 years of growing experience and knowledge to draw on, and I am passionate about growing tomatoes and helping you do the same, so I thought rather than keep answering people individually on many platforms wouldn’t it be better to just have it all in one place so people know where to come and how to get the info they need?

So this is for you if you want to grow tomatoes and don’t have a scooby do where to start or if you have grown tomatoes but rarely get a decent crop or just plain fail, I’m here to help and I will get your growing your best crops of tomatoes ever!!  Wouldn’t you like that ??

So here is the deal. Here is what you get from me,  There will be a Facebook group for the Members The Grow Your Best Ever Tomatoes Club. And a page on here for members only which you will exclusive access to by a user name and password for those that don’t use Facebook, Priority delivery on your orders and an exclusive email address for members only to contact me, You get FREE access to my course How To Grow Terrific Tomatoes In 4 Easy Steps its an online course broken into four easy to follow modules you can do it at your leisure there are no deadlines it has to be completed by just woke through it at your own pace.

Below are the four modules

Module 1 : Sowing how much to sow, how deep to sow, how much to water, how much warmth they need, how much light they need.

Module 2 : Potting  when to pot on, when to pot into there final growing place, what to plant them in , Compost and feed they need, how to plant them

Module 3 : Growing Part1 : Supporting the plants, fertilisation of the flowers, watering, feeding.

Module 3 : Growing Part 2 :Pest and diseases, tying and removal of side shoots

Module 4 : Harvesting how to tell if ripe and when to pick, how to ripen green tomatoes, cooking and storage.

Along with the course in the group there will be Facebook lives and videos which I will then post on the members page in here taking you visually through every step of the growing stages and I will also cover the other crops as well so Peppers, Aubergines, Cucumbers, Courgettes and Basil. As well as regular hints and tips and I will do regular question and answer sessions and probably the odd competition too as I want this to be fun as well as learning. Also in time I will have everything in PDF format that you can just download and keep. I will also be sharing hints and tips for what you can do with the tomatoes once you have harvested them.

As well as this you get as follows

20%  Off Discount code for as long as your a member if you pay monthly

40% Off Discount code for as long as your a member if you pay quarterly

And a commitment from me that the public will no longer get a higher discount than the best permanent discount in this club (40%) I may offer you guys higher at times but the public will never get more than 35%

I will be putting a fair bit of time and effort into supporting you through this group so im no going to sell my time and expertise short and have priced this as fairly and keenly as I can for you

Prices are as Follows :

Monthly which is £5 for the first two months then £9 per month

Quarterly which £19 for the first quarter then £27 per Quarter

Yearly which is £84 for the year 6 months at £5 and 6 months at £9 giving the best value

To sign up follow this link

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