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Our new online course will be launching soon "Terrific Tomatoes From Seed To Harvest In 4 Easy Steps."

Who is this course designed for?

Anyone can take the course to hone their skills and learn more about growing tomatoes. But It is designed with the new grower in mind or those that have tried to grow tomatoes but cant seem to get a decent crop.

Its an online course there are no set deadlines you can work through it totally at you leisure as and when you want.

I have two versions available the basic course for those that just want to brush up their skills at their own pace. Or you can opt for what I call CoursePlus which is the course that you can still work through at your own pace, But alongside it there will be a facebook group where i will post videos and do facebook lives that will guide you through every step of the process and where you will also get extra hints and tips and there will be downolads on various subjects such as pests, diseases, storing and recipes etc There will also be Question and Answer sessions and priority support.

The basic course will be £19.99 or you can sign up for pre-registration now and get £5 off (£14.99)

The CoursePlus is £49.99 but you can pre-register now for £39.99

No payment is needed now all you need to to do is sign up with your name and e-mail address via this link

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