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Tomato Plants Direct is a leading supplier of Tomato plants in 6cm coir pots that are ready to grow on for the home gardener with over 600 varieties now listed in all shapes, sizes and colours you are sure to find much of interest so visit our shop to see what Tomato Varieties we have on offer. We have a very wide range of Old Heritage Tomatoes on as well as modern F1 varieties.  

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By a huge margin our Best Seller


We sold over 1000 of these in 2016

5 x more than any other variety

This is a great e-book on how to grow tasty tomatoes i have a copy myself and use it to place articles in my newsletters if your new to growing tomatoes i highly recommend you get a copy

Its also available as a hard copy book if you wish to buy as a hard copy either way i strongly reccomend it


New in 2014 Rosella

Deep pink, cherry tomato with a unique flavour tastes of a blend of raspberries, blackberries and other summer fruits. and yes it really does taste like summer fruits it is delicious



tomato indigo-rose-3-label

Indigo Rose

Darkest tomato bred so far, exceptionally high in anthocyanins.

Anthocyanins are powerful anti-oxidants. In the early stages of fruit development, Indigo Rose develops a dark purple pigment in its skin where exposed to direct sunlight. Green when unripe, purple-red when ripe, the 1-2 oz., cocktail-sized tomatoes have good flavor with 'plummy' overtones. Developed by Jim Myers at Oregon State University using traditional plant breeding techniques. Moderately vigorous. Compact indeterminate



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tomato yellow perfection

Yellow Perfection

Very good reference about tomato diseases -

 tomato chocolate cherry

Chocolate Cherry

Found this great article the other day 12 tips for growing better

Tomatoes there is some very useful advice there 

 tomato rosada



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tom lucciola

New For 2014 Tomato Lucciola

 This Is Our All Time

Best Sellers List

1: Piccolo

2: Hundreds And Thousands

3: Sungold

4: Gardeners Delight

5: Ananas Noir

6: Ferline

7: Rosada

8: Sunsugar

9: Indigo Rose

10: Super Sioux

11: Mariannas Piece

12: Black Krim

13: Black Russian

14: Paul Robeson

15: Ailsa Craig




Tomato Hundreds and Thousands sown in June!!




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