Orders Update April 12th 2017

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Orders Update : were now managing to get a few more orders out although were a bit restricted this week as some varieties are not ready yet and also we cant post after today as there is no post Friday and Monday so its too risky we want your plants to arrive in the best condition possible. The idea of making the orders up as they are growing so they are then ready to just lift and pack when all the plants for that order are ready is working very well and it will mean us getting the orders out much much quicker Jo packed 25 in just over an hour yesterday from ones she had previously made up so that means when were on full steam we should be getting a couple of hundred a week out or more !!! We now have Piccolo, Rosada, Hundreds and Thousands and Sungold potted that were holding a lot of orders up due to germination failure in the first batch so these will be ready shortly and we can really make a dent in orders going out then Lizzano im still waiting on being ready to pot up. I do have a few minor varities im having real issues with on germinating so i may have to look a substitions for those

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