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  1. Welcome to our new website Tomato-Plants-Direct I decided my passion for Tomatoes was such it was time they had their own website where I could truly indulge my love of the humble Tomato I already have over 120 listed But I will be adding many more now I have found an easier way to grow and ship them quickly and easily without the need to bore Sarah to death wrapping endless 9cm pots. I can do these myself !! They will be grown in Jiffy 7's Or I may even do some in blocks using the Ladbrooke soil blockers I purchased a few years ago and then Grown to true leaf stage in the greenhouse I am hoping to get up at home as soon after new year is I can afford . The when ready I will ship in Blister Packs made from recycled plastic. 

    You will find a good range of books about growing Tomatoes on our books page although these are purchased via Amazon we do get a percentage commision on sales. 

    And there is also another page all about the history of the Tomato around the world and the growing of them and much much more 

    I will be adding lots more to the site as time goes on so please bookmark us to your favourites and spread the word