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    We are getting through the orders just as fast as we can at the moment.

    Please be aware this coming week i will get as many Tomato and veg orders out as i possibly can But it will be on my own with just our new packer that only started last Monday and possibly My step daughter some of the time as due to half term Sarah will be off looking after our 6 year old.

    I will be picking orders tomorrow ready to be packed on Monday and posted Tuesday and we may have to substitute the odd one or two varieties that I have had repeated problems with most notably Legend of which i have sold quite a few but its failed to germinate using a couple of different germination methods I will most likely be substituting those with either Ferline or Fandango

  2. The first 12 Tomato orders were posted Tuesday I am not posting anymore now until Tuesday Next week with no post Friday and Monday I don't want to risk them not getting delivered until next Tuesday and in any case some of the latter varieties potted are still a bit small im going to give them all a feed tomorrow.

    And Sarah is away with the girls in Scotland for the next 10 days or so so i am on my own anyway I will be picking a few orders into trays every day im at the nursery between now and Monday and will pack them all Monday.

    I have given them all a good feed yesterday as some of the later ones are still a little on the small side there will be a few orders that will get delayed slightly as i have had a small number of varieties i have had germination/Growth problems with

    But they are in hand and apart from Livingstone Giant Oxheart which i have had to re-order seed for after zero germination (it was seed saved by dad which was a few years old)  Most varieties i have had problems with have been re-sown.

    I will contact anyone who's orders have any issues in due course